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We're · doomed~

My Insanity Begins Here

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I've registered for my dorm and even gone out and bought some basic items for it. I don't know what dorm I'll be staying in yet but I do know that they are all apartment style so I'll have a kitchen which could equal disaster. I'm hoping I can get into Wilkes house as it's the closest to the journalism house and the campus gym is close too so I can head over to the gym and play dodge ball or floor hockey or maybe do a cycling class to keep myself entertained and blow off school work stress.

I need to also find a part time job on or around campus even if its only a few hours a week for spending cash. The OSAP loan I hopefully will get approved and I have my summer job at the brewery so I should be able to create a lenient budget while not starving myself to death or needing to work continuous shifts at some part-time job.

I should probably go out for my license but I really have no drive (no pun intended) to learn how to drive. I like biking and walking and I don't mind buses so getting around to places hasn't become an issue yet.
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You'll die in your Sleep.

You will die peacefully in your sleep after having a really awesome life.

'How will you die?' at QuizGalaxy.com
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calm calm
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haha. Your know those religious recruiters that go door to door? Yep a couple just came to my door. She asked do I practice my religion?" and very calmly I said "I am a very involved wiccan and trust in the spirit" hehe She sorta just gawked and went on her mary-way. Honesty is the best policy ^___^
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Really should write here more.

I've been doing NaNoWriMo recently so I might post snippets of the story up as I go through and edit it next month. >_< I have my applications for universities ready to be sent out. There's not really anything I want to study in any of the universities near me I realized upon looking at the course listings. I'm limited by area and finances so I chose out the best choices I could even if its not specifically what I was wanting.

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So today i meet with bankguy so I can get a creditcard and plan how i'm going to pay for university~

I at least know where i want to go and what I want to study. XD sadly the deciding factor after debating art and writingso painstakingly for 2 maybe 3 years was dorms...I like the dorms at Laurier and they teach journalism~

problem solved yay!

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*twitch* I miss the days of my parents waiting for all us kids to be gone before playing a movie. Boat trip...they put on Boat trip...the dvd only loaded the menu and already I was erked...I ran away one minute into the movie. My room is safe. *twitch*...I hate perverted comedies.
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O_O It's snowing in october....

The areas around my city (to give some names Caledonia, buffalo-USA , port dover) Have been hit with record snowfalls to the point of calling a state of emergency. You know its bad when your calling a state of emergency for snow in Canada. We got some snow but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. The storm missed us by this amazing fractional amount. Its flipping cold though especially since we still had plus 17 celsius weather last week and now we're below zero.

In other news i'm sick and I have a double shift to work tomorrow *grumbles* errr today *looks at clock* it's 12:03 am ^_^; that's what i get for sleeping most the day i suppose.

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@_@ NaNoWriMo~~~~~ It's so close. I need to start working on a novel outline or something. This time I am determined to reach 50k words or die trying!
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Mmmmm~ Nice warm 'jammas.

I got the pleasure of walking home from work in a thunder storm today. I was soaked and soggy, and drenched oh and did I mention wet? I love rain though, if there wasn't any lightning I would have taken the long route home.

Since I was soaked through, I got dressed. Haha I love my 'jamma pants and old black shirt.

Me wearing 'jammas is actually very very rare. Normally I sleep in my clothes, Jeans and t-shirt most nights. I'm just too lazy to change when I go to bed.

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Haha...Ha? I should update more.

I know why the canadian army is so small! It takes so flippin long to get the appointments to go in to get tested. ARGGGGGh! I've had my IQ test ( I did awesomely, and they gave me a wide list of careers they want me for) and I was cleared on my medical but I've been waiting forever to get booked in for my fitness test. It sucks too cause I don't have lacrosse or hockey at the moment T_T which means there's no contact sport to keep me from going insane. Maybe weightlifting club will start up soon at my school then I could keep busy and hit guys as they mistake me for a guy.It happens quite a bit when your the only girl in weightlifting club.

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